National Rates

Explore our national budget-friendly on/off-network call, SMS, and reliable data rates. Now! you can easily connect to any other network without worrying about heavy charges when and where you want.

Stay Connected for Less Rates

Tatem Telecom provides less Calls, SMS and Data rates to stay connected.
Austria National Rates Landline

Belgium Landline

0.025 ct/min

Austria Landline SMS National Rates

Belgium Local

0.015 Ct/sms


Data in Belgium (1gb-10gb)

3.00 Ct/mb

Austria Mobile National Rates

Belgium Mobiles (tatem-to-tatem)

0.000 Ct/min

Austria SMS National Rates

Belgium SMS (tatem-to-tatem)

0.000 Ct/sms


Data in Belgium (More that 10gb)

3.00 Ct/mb

Austria Mobile (other calls)

Belgium Mobiles(Other Mobiles)

0.033 Ct/min


Data in Belgium (0gb-1gb)

3.00 Ct/mb


Data in Europe (Per GB)

3.00 Ct/mb

Note: Connection charge – 12Ct

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